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Best Sleeping Bags To Use While Camping

If you have ever gone camping and have shivered at night due to the unbearable cold, waiting and praying for the sun to give off its heat in the morning, we are sure you would have realized the value of a cozy and slumber sleeping bag. A sleeping bag is extremely vital to carry during camping because a good quality bag ensures comfort and rest the body needs after the physical exertion. But buying a sleeping bag is slightly tricky because it involves balancing between weight, quality and capacity. Since it will be one of the largest items in your kit, you have to make sure that it does not end up being too heavy.

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REI Co-op Magma

It has an extremely good value for weight and the cost is much lesser than majority of the bags available. The hood is shaped extremely well, no zipper and the comfort of the material against the skin is amazing. Also, the thickness of the material can ensure good warmth. On summer days, it might be a bit of overkill but nevertheless if you are looking to buy one bag at the best rates, go for this.

Western Mountaineering Ultra lite

This company is known for making some of the lightest and highest quality sleeping bags for camping. The detailing on the product is immense, the material used is thick and cozy, no snag zipper issues and a full length draft tube along with a collar attached to a cinch cord. Whatever you might be looking for in your ideal camping bag, your Ultra Lite is sure to contain that.

Enlightened Equipment Revelation Quilt 10

It provides a great combination of weight, being versatile and is light on the pocket. Therefore, this is also an excellent choice for backpacking. The dual feature allows the bag to be either left open, spread like a mat on the summer days or zipped up tight into a tube on the colder nights. Also the fitting of the bag is such that, unlike others, there is enough room for movement and breathing even if zipped to the full.

Feathered Friends Egret UL 20

This bag, specially designed for women is hands down, the best in the market for them. The material is light, soft and of the highest quality goose down. It is designed for the female torso with more room in the chest and hip regions while providing considerable warmth to the feet through the footbox.

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Best Sleeping Bags under $100 That Are Perfectly Affordable

The sleeping bags are not luxuries, but highly essential items for the travelers who set out on expeditions to remote areas of the earth, where no suitable hotel or lodge may be available for providing them shelter at nights. But the high costs of some sleeping bags may hold them back from buying these products. However, now many manufacturing companies have launched cheaper sleeping bags under $100 that can be easily afforded by the common people.

Few best sleeping bags in affordable prices as per modern market

Suisse Sport Alpine is a mummy shaped sleeping bag that is ideal for using in chilling cold weather, due to its double layer of insulating

fabrics throughout the bag. This lightweight sleeping bag is available at very cheap price and considered to be one of the best choices for the adults to spend their nights comfortably.





Northstar Tactical Operations sleeping bag is another affordable choice that provides comfortably sleeping nights to the user. This bag has a tapering mummy shape and a firm zipper, along with a draft tube for keeping the user warm at night. The barrel foot and the double layer of the bag with hollow fill with insulating fibers make this sleeping bag perfect for any traveler to mountainous regions.






Teton Sports Celsius XXL is a topmost brand of sleeping bag that is made of 100% polyester fabrics, which contributes to its extra lightness of weight. It is generally available in a rectangular shape with a mummy shaped hood that can be adjusted according to the convenience of the user. The double layers and firm offset stitches of this sleeping bag make it ideal for using in low temperatures ranging from 18 degree C to as cold as 0 degree C. There are lots of internal pockets for storage and there are firm zipper, as well as shoulder baffles for the comfort of the user.



Slumberjack Odyssey Synthetic sleeping bag is highly affordable for common people and can be purchased for hiking in colder regions. The double layer, differential cut in making and perfect insulation of this mummy shaped bag makes it ideal for using in chilling cold weather. This bag also has a thick draft collar that prevents the loss of heat and keeps the neck and shoulder areas comfortably warm.







There are many more high quality sleeping bags with lots of beneficial features, which are available for prices lower than $100 in the market; among which Kaufland Superlite sleeping bag of mummy shape, Ledge Gunny Sack with water resistance and durable double lining, Kelty Cosmic 35 degree sleeping bag and Marmot Trestles Synthetic sleeping bag are widely popular among the common mass.



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What Are The Best Sleeping Bags As Per The Modern Style?

The sleeping bags are widely used by the people, who need to spend nights at odd places where there is no provision of sleeping comfortably on the beds. The sleeping bags protect people from shivering cold of the night temperatures, when they need to sleep out in the open. These sleeping bags provide the collective comforts of a thick mattress, a warm blanket and also the safety of a shelter. Hence, the travelers always prefer to include a sleeping bag of reputed brand in their luggage for distant travels. However, they need to know about certain factors that will help them in choosing the best sleeping bags to fulfill their requirements.

Major aspects that aid in choosing the best sleeping bags

  • Physical weight – The weight of the sleeping bag is a prime criterion, as it should be comfortably portable for the buyer. A huge and heavy sleeping bag can pose real problem in packing for the traveler and may be difficult in carrying on flights, while traveling to foreign countries. So, ideally a lightweight sleeping bag should be chosen for distant tours.
  • Provision of warmth – The warmth provided by the sleeping bag is a vital factor for a buyer, mainly if he is supposed to visit hilly regions or places with chilling cold weather. The sleeping bag should be perfectly insulated to hold back the warmth of the user’s body, for keeping him comfortably warm while sleeping inside it at nights. Moreover, it should not have much free internal space that may hinder in faster warming of the interior of the sleeping bag.
  • Option of temperature rating – The industrial temperature rating is provided to a brand of sleeping bag, based on the fabrics used for making this bag, provision of sleeping pad, hydration inside the bag, the readiness for using it on high altitudes and several other important factors. Hence, the buyer should check the temperature rating of a sleeping bag, which reveals its capability of using during summers, winters or spring seasons.
  • Dimensions of the bag – The length and the width of a sleeping bag should be perfectly matched according to the body size of the buyer. Any mismatch of the sizes can create lots of discomfort for him while trying to sleep inside it.
  • Cost price – Many people have the idea that the sleeping bags are really expensive items. But now numbers of companies offer their sleeping bags in much cheaper costs that are affordable for the common people. Numbers of good sleeping bags are now available for prices below $100, which can be easily used by any traveler.

Hence, now it is quite easier to choose the best sleeping bags from the local market or online stores, due to the availability of wide varieties.

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