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Best Sleeping Bags To Use While Camping

If you have ever gone camping and have shivered at night due to the unbearable cold, waiting and praying for the sun to give off its heat in the morning, we are sure you would have realized the value of a cozy and slumber sleeping bag. A sleeping bag is extremely vital to carry during camping because a good quality bag ensures comfort and rest the body needs after the physical exertion. But buying a sleeping bag is slightly tricky because it involves balancing between weight, quality and capacity. Since it will be one of the largest items in your kit, you have to make sure that it does not end up being too heavy.

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REI Co-op Magma

It has an extremely good value for weight and the cost is much lesser than majority of the bags available. The hood is shaped extremely well, no zipper and the comfort of the material against the skin is amazing. Also, the thickness of the material can ensure good warmth. On summer days, it might be a bit of overkill but nevertheless if you are looking to buy one bag at the best rates, go for this.

Western Mountaineering Ultra lite

This company is known for making some of the lightest and highest quality sleeping bags for camping. The detailing on the product is immense, the material used is thick and cozy, no snag zipper issues and a full length draft tube along with a collar attached to a cinch cord. Whatever you might be looking for in your ideal camping bag, your Ultra Lite is sure to contain that.

Enlightened Equipment Revelation Quilt 10

It provides a great combination of weight, being versatile and is light on the pocket. Therefore, this is also an excellent choice for backpacking. The dual feature allows the bag to be either left open, spread like a mat on the summer days or zipped up tight into a tube on the colder nights. Also the fitting of the bag is such that, unlike others, there is enough room for movement and breathing even if zipped to the full.

Feathered Friends Egret UL 20

This bag, specially designed for women is hands down, the best in the market for them. The material is light, soft and of the highest quality goose down. It is designed for the female torso with more room in the chest and hip regions while providing considerable warmth to the feet through the footbox.