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What Types Of Sleeping Bags Are Best For Mountain Climbing?

The sleeping bags are generally used for sleeping comfortably out in the open and people can find suitable sleeping bags for using at all temperatures. However, when a person intends to use the sleeping bag on higher altitudes of mountainous regions, there are certain special qualities that should be present in that sleeping bag. The buyer should check all these features to get the ideal sleeping bag for using while mountain climbing.

Note some of this information has been taken from the International Climbing Association

Best features to be present in a sleeping bag for mountain climbing

 This sleeping bag should be ideal for using in both high temperatures of daytime and the cold temperatures of nighttime, as usually extreme temperatures prevail during the day and night of the higher altitudes.

It is preferable to buy a sleeping bag made of synthetic materials that remain dry during the warm and humid weather of daytime. The synthetic bag can also be washed and dried faster, without hampering its insulating features.

The sleeping bag with perfect temperature rating for using on the mountains should be purchased, which can be used in all kinds of climatic changes. Ideally, the temperature rating should allow the sleeping bag to use in warmer temperatures of around 30 – 35 degrees, as well as in colder climates of 10 – 15 degree temperatures.

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The sleeping bag should be very light in weight that enables to carry it while climbing the mountains on foot or in bicycles. This bag should be compressible to allow storage in smaller spaces of bike carrier or within the backpack of the traveler.

The sleeping bag should have sufficient insulation with fluffy down feathers that are most applicable in retaining the body temperature of the user, while sleeping inside this bag. These feathers also dry fast when the bag is washed in summer and help in maintaining the lightness of the sleeping bag.

The sleeping bags to be used for mountain climbing are available in many colors, shapes and sizes that suit all the travelers, who want to go for hiking on hilly tracts to the higher altitudes. These sleeping bags are available for affordable prices for the common mountain climbers and they may also find these bags online by surfing various popular shopping sites; like Amazon, Eastern Mountain Sports and Moosejaw. So now it is easier for the buyers to get hold of the ideal sleeping bags for them, once they just check all the above-mentioned factors that will guarantee the best qualities of a sleeping bag.